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  • Origin: Mie Prefecture
  • Grade: A5
  • Marble Score: 11-12
  • Lineage: Japanese Black (Kuroge)
  • Certificate Included 


Matsusaka beef is one of Japan's most exclusive and rare types of beef, often considered even more luxurious than Kobe beef. Named in Japan's Top 3 of Kobe, Omi and Matsusaka - Praised throughout the country and around the world as a "work of meat art" for its wonderful taste.

It hails from the Matsusaka region in Mie Prefecture, Japan, where a small number of farmers meticulously raise Matsusaka cattle under strict regulations. It is celebrated for its exceptional marbling, characterized by delicate intramuscular fat that contributes to its unparalleled tenderness, juiciness, and rich flavor profile.

To qualify as Matsusaka beef, the cattle must meet stringent criteria regarding breed (mostly Japanese Black), lineage, diet, and upbringing. They are raised in a stress-free environment and receive a special diet that includes high-quality grains and even beer or sake to enhance flavor and tenderness.

Did you know? Only female calves are chosen due to their higher fat content which is higher than that of Kobe beef.

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 Each order comes with a certificate of authenticity.

*Steaks sold individually*

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Each portioned piece is individually packaged and vacuum sealed. In order to maximize freshness during delivery, we blast freeze our cuts and ship them with dry ice in a reusable insulated box. Thawing is natural and may occur.

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Our products are professionally butchered and individually vacuumed sealed in a USDA facility and blast frozen to maintain freshness and allow for consistent quality. We ship using insulated foam containers with ice packs or dry ice - it leaves our facility cold and arrives the same way! Some natural thawing may occur, do NOT panic!

How to: Receiving your shipment

Once ready to consume, please allow your steak(s) to thaw naturally in your refrigerator up to 8-12 hours. Do NOT soak in hot water. If you are short on time, you may leave this to thaw on your kitchen counter - perform at your own risk. (Japanese Wagyu contains a high fat content and will defrost much faster than any other cut of meat). Our steaks are vacuum sealed for freshness, they will last in your freezer for up to 12 months… but honestly, who lets Wagyu sit in their freezer for that long anyway? If you do not on plan on eating the steaks right away, leave them in the freezer until ready.


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