Australian Wagyu

Don’t underestimate the cows from down under! Australian Wagyu is bred using Japanese Wagyu genetics, allowing for a tender piece of steak and a mouth watering steakhouse experience.

We offer Halal Certified, Australian Wagyu - all of which is a crossbred mix between Japanese Wagyu and Australian Angus. Most commonly you will find a 50/50 mix which is called F1. We carry F1 and also F4, or Purebred - this contains a higher percentage of Japanese genetics about 94%. Beyond that is Full Blood Wagyu which is 100% Japanese Genetics. The higher ratio of Japanese genetics can be observed in the marbling of the meat. Australian Wagyu that is Purebred or Fullblood will clearly show more A5 resemblance towards marbling.


Learn more about Wagyu and BMS / Beef Marbling Scores here.

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