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  • Origin: Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

  • Grade: A5

  • Marble Score: 12

  • Weight: 15-16oz

  • Feeds: 3-4


Sendai beef or Sendai-gyu is one of Japan’s premium wagyu brands and also one of our top tier selections. Originating from Miyagi Prefecture - a leading rice producer of Japan, Sendai Beef is produced in limited quantities and comes from cattle that eat plenty of straw from Sasanishiki, Hitomebore and other leading rice varieties of Miyagi that are grown in pristine water. The taste of Sendai Beef is created by absorbing the blessings of abundant nature in the prefecture. Under strict standards, approximately 15,000 heads of cattle for meat are shipped from Miyagi Prefecture. From which roughly 30% are able to be named Sendai Beef. Only beef that is ranked the finest by satisfying strict criteria on the balance between marbled and red meat, fine texture and other factors can use the brand name of Sendai Beef.

The cattle are fed without relying on machines but by manually loosening fodder for each head, so that farmers can carefully raise them by controlling the amount and changing the content of fodder one by one. For the first 5 months, they feed much fermented fertilizer and pasture grass to build up large bellies, and then blend in rice straws, beer lees, and chaff afterwards, adjusting to an appropriate balance. From 8 months before shipping, they grind and mix into the feed a kind of glutinous rice called "Miyakogane-mochi"; which they plant yearly together with local farmers. As a result, beef is produced with a special quality of oiliness which is not greasy but has smooth sweetness.

Noteworthy accolades include:

  • First prize at the National Wagyu fair three times.

  • 2016 & 2017 Honorable Award by Beef Carcass Competition held by the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations

 With over 300 brands of wagyu throughout Japan, each with its distinct and unique flavor characteristics, less than 5% of all US imported A5 are labeled as BMS 12.

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Each portioned piece is individually packaged and vacuum sealed. In order to maximize freshness during delivery, we blast freeze our cuts and ship them with dry ice in a reusable insulated box. Thawing is natural and may occur.

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