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  • Marbling Score: 6/7 (Silver Label) Purebred
  • Halal Certified

Don’t underestimate the cows from down under! Australian Wagyu is bred using Japanese Wagyu genetics, allowing for a tender piece of steak and a mouth watering steakhouse experience.

One topic that always stands the test of time… and that is.. what is better, the Ribeye or the NY Strip? This is a personal preference, but we do enjoy the NY Strip a tad better due to its consistency. However when it comes to wagyu, something about the marbling just hits differently.. you decide! (Here at Ligma, the Gold NY Strip is a favorite!)

Located directly behind the rib section, our New York Strips are cut from the short loin. The Strip steak also known as “New York Strip” are known for its balance of marbling and tenderness. Each of our strips are packed full of flavor and require very little seasoning if any to bring out the taste of Wagyu. Just salt would work!

With a marble score of 6-7, our Silver Label Wagyu delivers an experience for those that seek a robust wagyu beef flavor without being overwhelmed by the richness found in our Gold and Blue Label Wagyu products. This level of marbling is comparable to that of Japanese A4, allowing for a butter like texture with a mouth watering beefy bite. If our A5 is too rich for you, we’d recommend you to try this - a perfect middle ground between fattyness and meatyness (Yes we made those words up). You are now entering meat butter heaven.

This product is purebred meaning 75% or higher Japanese genetics compared to traditional F1 50/50 Wagyu mix.

Click here to learn more about marble scores.

Each portioned piece is individually packaged and vacuum sealed. In order to maximize freshness during delivery, we blast freeze our cuts and ship them with dry ice in a reusable insulated box. Thawing is natural and may occur.

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