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  • Origin: Shodoshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Grade: A5
  • Marble Score: 12
  • Lineage: Japanese Black (Kuroge)
  • Certificate Included 

A distinct flavor profile and intense marbling are what makes Olive Fed wagyu so unique. Exclusive to Shodoshima Island, these purebred cattle feed on an olive mash that is the biproduct of olive pressing. The end result yields "Sanuki" Wagyu

Shodoshima Island is best known for its olives and production of Japanese olive oil. The mash or pulp left over from olive oil production is then incorporated into the cattle feed, reducing waste and also yielding what is known as Sanuki Olive Wagyu.

The unique diet of olive mash mixed with ryegrass and rice straw lends to a distinct flavor and intense marbling that has made Olive-Fed Wagyu very popular. The flavor profile is rich with notes of olive oil and known to have high levels of oleic acid an omega-9 fatty acid (think salmon).

This remains as one of our rare items that we try to acquire on a seasonal basis. It is limited in production and hard to find. With an unmatched taste, try for yourself today.

 Each order comes with a certificate of authenticity.

*Steaks sold individually*

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Each portioned piece is individually packaged and vacuum sealed. In order to maximize freshness during delivery, we blast freeze our cuts and ship them with dry ice in a reusable insulated box. Thawing is natural and may occur.

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