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  • Origin: Kumamoto, Japan
  • Grade: A5
  • Marble Score: 10-12
  • Lineage: Japanese Black (Kuroge)
  • Certificate Included


Makoto Gyu from Kikuchi, Kumamoto  is the product of 3rd Generation Master Wagyu Farmer, Makoto San. He operates one of the rarest farms in Japan producing award winning cattle with his "Yurihime" breed. This has awarded Makoto San as grand champion of Kumamoto Wagyu with a score of 88.9/100 - the highest in Kumamoto history.

Makoto wagyu is a premium wagyu beef that only ships 5 heads per month.

What truly makes Makotogyu special is the farmers attention to detail. Makoto San formulated a custom "Makoto Blend" which includes rice straw harvested on his namesake farm. Many farmers feed different blended grains depending on their age. However, Makoto san thinks the cattle should eat the feed which is familiar to them. So, he uses the same feed all the time, but he changes the percentage of feed which are rice straw and Makoto blends.

Makoto San pours his heart and soul into raising the cattle in a low stress environment, constantly checking on their condition. His techniques have yielded him cattle with a high BMS of 10-12. 

Makoto San's goal is to produce Wagyu with a good ratio of red meat to fat that is not too heavy when tasting. Just see for the pictures yourself! This may be one of the best A5's you will get to enjoy! With only 80 heads of cattle produced annually, this is a very limited product.

A personal statement from Makoto San:

"We cut the local grass to the size of the cow's mouth before feeding it.

Originally developed bait, created through trial and error.

Eat and grow makoto blend.

By eating and growing makoto blend, it becomes easy-to-eat meat that doesn't feel heavy on your stomach.

For drinking water, 130 meters of naturally rich groundwater is dug and fresh drinking water is given every day."

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